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I take pride in my Highlander Kittens. All of the kittens come with a one year of life guarantee. You can view it at the bottom of the page.

I cannot hold a kitten without a deposit. If you would like to place a deposit please contact me and I can go over my holding deposit agreement with you. I accept check, money orders, paypal if you pay the fee, payments through Zelle, Cashapp, or Quickbooks and of course cash.

If you have any questions regarding my kittens or would like more information, please contact me:
What does the breeder mean by the Status Codes and why is it important?

First lets explain the letters...

The only permissible outcross for the Highlander breed is a domestic cat which gives it the "P" in the code. If a Highlander is bred to any other breed of cat it will have a "N" instead of "P" which means non-permissible. Now breeders do bring in Highland Lynx (REFR) cats and register them as domestics to be used in the highlander program. This is acceptable because this is where the breed originally came from. Out crossing to a highland lynx  produces a different quality of kittens than outcrossing to a domestic and therefore kittens produced from a highland lynx outcross are generally priced at SBT kitten prices.

Kittens that are the product of two different breeds are labeled as A.

A0P's, A1P's, A2P's, A3P's,  

Kittens that have at least one grandparent of a different breed are labeled as B.

B0P's, B1P's, B2P's, B3P's 

Kittens that have at least one great grandparent of a different breed are labeled as C's. 

C0P's, C1P's, C2P's, C3P's 

Now T and V codes are similar to  A, B and C's... but T and V code cats are from foundation cats brought in when the breed was first established with TICA and have no domestic cat bred in since being registered or cats who have been signed off on by 3 judges stating the cat meets Highlander standards. Now that being said, it doesn't mean there wasn't domestic, Chausie, Abyssinian, Jungle Curl, ETC before it was registered as a Highlander. In the beginning, breeders didn't have to have a cat judged by 3 judges before registering it as a Highlander, as they do now. They were just registered as Highlanders with blank pedigree's. So a 01T/V would show blank spots for it's parents, a 02T/V would show blank spots for it's grandparents, and a 03T/V would show blank spots for it's great grand parents. The T stands for Traditional (SH or Short Hair) and the V stands for Variant (LH or Long Hair).

A SBT/SBV (Stud Book) kitten has no cats which are unknown, unregistered, or of another breed within a 3 generation pedigree. Both C0P and 03T/03V cats can produce SBT/SBV kittens.


What it means:
CE - Curled Ears
SE - Straight Ears

LT - Long Tail
NST - Natural Short Tail
HT - Hock Tail
NT - No Tail or Rumpy
DT - Docked or Cut Tail

SF - Straight Feet (Normal)
PF - Polydactyl Feet

SH - Short Hair
LH - Long Hair

Limited Edition 






Black Smoke

All of our breeders are DNA tested though the wisdom panel.  The results speak for themselves.

I am not currently offering cargo shipping for kittens. I can refer a third party ground transport or a flight nanny. You are always welcome to drive or fly in to pick up your kitten in person. We are located in Morgantown, WV. 
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Kittens Born

​Damsel X Legend
Page Last Update : 12-4-2023
Girl 2     Cinnamon Tabby Curly Hair     CE, SF, LT     $500 Spayed
Boy 4     Cinnamon Classic Tabby Curly Hair     CE, PF, LT     $500 Neutered
​Dee X Mister
Litter Code
Kittens Born

Boy 1     Silver Ticked Tabby    CE, SF, NST     Neutered $500
                                                             Special Needs Discount
Girl 1     Black Smoke     CE, SF, NST     Standard
Available intact with full rights $1900

Girl 2     Silver Ticked Tabby    CE, SF, NST     Spayed $900
Updated pictures coming soon!